Things To Do Before You Die

Not only must you have a plan in place for when you die, you must let others know about that plan and about your wishes. Some are obvious, like having a will, naming a power of attorney, picking a health care surrogate and reviewing regularly all your estate planning documents. Others are not so obvious…. Read More »

When advance directives are ignored

We are often urged to set up advance directives to make sure we aren’t being kept alive by extraordinary means if we don’t want that. But it turns out that advance directives are often ignored. A story in the New York Times cited a study that said having an advance directive had little effect on… Read More »

Trusts vs. Wills

The deaths of celebrities Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams illustrate the differences in using a will as opposed to trusts when making an estate plan. A story in Florida Today pointed out why trusts are likely better than wills, especially if you are rich and famous. Williams planned right, the story says. While he… Read More »

Can You Afford To Splurge?

You recently turned 50 or maybe you turned 60. Its finally time to splurge! Or is it? Sure, a vacation home would be nice. Maybe a luxury car. Or a trip around the world. But before you splurge, ask yourself these questions, says an article on Can you really afford it? If you are… Read More »

Should You Buy A Prepaid Funeral?

More and more people are paying for their funerals in advance. But there is controversy over whether this is a good idea. A story on told of a woman who had done just that — decades before she actually died. But she neglected to tell her family. When she did pass away, the family… Read More »

Before You Make Your Estate Plan

You need an estate plan or you want to update your estate plan. But many people show up at their estate planning attorney’s office unprepared. A story in the Wall Street Journal says people planning to establish or update an estate plan should first do some homework. Many of them, it says, don’t even know… Read More »