Creating and Funding GRATs

A grantor retained annuity trust discounts the value of larger gifts and freezes them at their currently discounted values rather than at the time of death values. This works very well in two distinct circumstances that are currently happening in the market which are very low IRS interest rates and depressed values of investments like… Read More »

Don’t Let Your Family Be Caught Off Guard

No one wants to be in the position of discovering that a loved one did not have an estate plan. Unfortunately, when this happens, it can put your family in a very difficult situation in which they are unsure how to proceed. You can do your due diligence and make things easier for your loved… Read More »

Do I Have to Update My Estate Plan Every Time I Move?

It can be very complicated to move to a new location, but this can also raise important questions about your existing estate plan as it relates to guardianship and subjects in a will. If you move frequently because of your job, it is important to have a relationship with an estate planning attorney in your… Read More »

Should You Gift Your Estate In 2020?

Some insight seems to suggest that high net worth baby boomers should think carefully about gifting their estates in 2020. The largest generational wealth transfer in history is on the horizon for the United States. It’s expected that today’s millennials will inherit upwards of $30 trillion in property form baby boomers and, of course, it… Read More »

What Happens When a Beneficiary Designation is Different from the Will?

Estate planning documents should be coordinated to ensure that your overall goals are accomplished. However, if you identify beneficiary designations on forms that are not in line with what is made in the will, it can be very confusing for your estate administrator to determine. This unfortunate situation is sadly not that unusual. Plenty of… Read More »

Why Writers Need Estate Planning, Too

Estate planning is a subject that most people are uncomfortable with at first glance. Avoidance is the natural response for many people when it comes to estate planning but writers and other artists must understand their unique estate planning obstacles and opportunities. Estate planning is essential for disposing of your assets and tying up affairs… Read More »