A New Study Shows Women Are Taking More Charge in Financial Affairs

A new study indicates that in terms of wealth management, women are taking an advanced position on financial planning. The study completed by RBC Wealth Management indicated that there has been a significant change in the attitude of women between millennial and the baby boomer generations. In fact, approximately half of boomer women take the… Read More »

The Inheritance Wave Is Coming

Whether your estate is small or large, thinking about passing it on to future generations means you must consider your own legacy and how you’d like to be remembered. Furthermore, the gifts you make to your family members can have a lasting impact on their life. Research shows that massive wealth transfers are coming down… Read More »

Review Your Will and Prenup Or Postnup Agreement

All legal documentation should be carefully evaluated after you file for divorce and preferably before if you have the opportunity. Two key legal documents that most people have executed and might forget about in the wake of the divorce are the will and any pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. If your state allows you to execute… Read More »

Update Your Power of Attorney Following a Divorce

After getting a divorce, there are immediate estate planning issues that have to be addressed and overlooking even one of these could set you up for potential failure if a now estranged spouse is making decisions on your behalf. In the first part of this three-part blog series to discuss the benefits of updating your… Read More »

Part 1: The Getting Divorced Estate Planning Series

You will need insight from an experienced estate planning lawyer if you intend to get divorced because there are many different issues that have to be addressed at the outset of this process. Failing to include these in your process could expose you to problems down the road, such as having beneficiary designation forms that… Read More »

Don’t Forget to Include Asset Protection Planning

Conventional estate planning is only half of the equation and if you leave yourself exposed to the possibility that someone could launch a lawsuit against you, you could be financially ruined with just one of these unfortunate intrusions into your existing estate planning. Comprehensive estate planning must include traditional estate planning tools to maximize the… Read More »

Financial Matters to Remember in Your Second Marriage

Whether you are getting married after the death of a spouse or remarrying after a divorce, smart financial planning should always be included in your overall process. A second marriage brings many different questions and considerations to the table, and having the experience of a knowledgeable financial advisor and estate planning attorney is strongly recommended…. Read More »

How to Add a Side Hustle to Your Retirement Plan

If you are looking ahead towards retirement, you may be curious about whether you should transition out of the workforce completely. Many people who enter retirement still would benefit from an additional stream of income and will also like some way to spend their time that fulfills them. A side hustle or a hobby that… Read More »