7 Simple Estate Planning Steps to Check Off in 2020

Had “make estate plan” on your New Year’s resolutions for years now and never quite made it happen? Here’s the good news- you can break estate planning down into seven simple steps and work on one at a time. Work through these and meet with a Pasadena law firm for estate planning and you’ll have… Read More »

What Are Trust Restatements and Amendments?

With a revocable trust, there’s always the possibility that you want to change things in the future. Changes in your individual life might prompt you to make updates to your original living trust. You might also want to have your trust reviewed by a Pasadena estate planning lawyer if it’s been a few years since… Read More »

What is Medi-Cal Estate Recovery?

If you plan to make an application for Medicaid benefits in California, you need to understand how Medi-Cal works. These laws and rules are very complicated and what seems like a minor mistake could be catastrophic in relation to a Medicaid application. With the right professional team of advisors, such as an elder law attorney… Read More »

When is a Medicaid Issue a Medicaid Crisis?

Advanced planning can help you avoid many of the potential downfalls with a Medicaid problem, but you can still benefit from meeting with a Pasadena elder law attorney when you need urgent help with Medicaid. A Medicaid crisis strategy applies when a single person needs to enter a nursing home for the purposes of receiving… Read More »

Don’t Miss These Succession Planning Basics

Every business owner has to consider succession planning options. While it might initially seem overwhelming to approach this on your own, the good news is that you don’t have to do it by yourself. Succession plans should always be written with the assistance of attorneys and accountants because this will minimize the chances of problems… Read More »

Does A Millennial Really Need Estate Planning?

Millennials might be more likely to travel and seek out the digital nomad lifestyle, but it can be a big mistake to do this without thinking about the possible estate planning complications. Even those in traditional jobs should sit down with a lawyer to discuss tools for younger people with the intention of updating these… Read More »

Don’t Forget All Assets When Creating an Estate Plan

It’s all too easy to sit down with your team of professionals or try to plan your estate on your own while thinking only about the assets that create monthly statements, like mutual funds, stocks, and bank accounts. However, in most estate planning situations, these illiquid assets represent less than half of a person’s portfolio…. Read More »

Evaluating Senior Housing Options for a Loved One

Helping a parent move out of their own home and comfortable surroundings can seem very intimidating, especially if they are making a transition into senior housing. This is a difficult decision financially, physically and emotionally. Declining health, safety issues, family concerns about a person’s well-being or the death of a spouse can all be some… Read More »