Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

Many people are curious about whether a power of attorney document ever terminates or whether you need to go through the process of hiring a lawyer to remove a person that you no longer want to have this power, this person could be choosing to refuse to give up the power of attorney. There are… Read More »

Does a Will Ever Expire?

Many people have questions about what it takes to put together a will. It’s a mistake to assume that generating a will is a once and done kind of activity and this is because you may need to update your will over the course of your life. It is a misconception that a will expires…. Read More »

Key Takeaways from Prince’s Estate

Unlike other celebrities like Michael Jackson, the estate assets for pop star Prince were all valued accurately and the necessary taxes were paid and there were not any further audits from the IRS. However, Prince made things much more difficult for his loved ones by failing to leave behind a will. There was no clear… Read More »

The New IRS Estate Tax Exemptions Could Affect You In 2019

The IRS recently released the details surrounding any changes in the gift or estate tax exemptions. While the gift tax will stay the same, enabling you to pass on up to $15,000 per year per person without triggering any additional taxes, there has been an increase in estate tax limits. The estate tax exemption has… Read More »

Does Your Teenager Need Estate Planning?

It can be difficult to contemplate that the first step after someone graduating from high school is estate planning, but in the next 6 months you might be preparing to finish your child’s college applications, take them on college visits and to begin to purchase the items that they’ll need to support themselves in college…. Read More »

Can’t a Child Just Be Added to My Bank Account?

All too often, an estate planning attorney will come forward and have to deal with problems in the probate aspect of a case because of mistakes that were made in the estate planning process. All too often, for example, some estate planning lawyers can learn after the death of a client that the client had… Read More »

Why Does a Will Witness Need to Be Disinterested?

When signing your will, it is likely that you have scheduled a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney, sat down and discussed what you intend to pass on to others. You can make minor mistakes that could turn out to be big problems in the management of your will after you pass away, and… Read More »

Avoiding Stan Lee’s Estate Planning Mess

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Should Millennials Plan Their Estate Now?

The investment portfolio of millennials is poised to change the estate planning industry. For many years, estate planners have largely been focused on providing support to baby boomers. Baby boomers will be passing on a significant amount of wealth to future generations in the next couple of decades, but the approaches that worked for baby… Read More »

Don’t Forget These Year End Tax Planning Strategies

New tax laws across the United States should encourage some Americans to evaluate their yearend tax strategies in order to further enhance their wealth. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it’s time to jump right into 2019 without proper planning. These strategies can be especially helpful since your previous tactics and plans might have… Read More »