Ensuring a Smooth Transfer of Wealth

Much of the country’s wealth is still owned by baby boomers even though millennials are picking up speed in other areas. According to a recent study, baby boomers will stay the wealthiest generation in America until at least 2030 and it’s anticipated that over $60 trillion of their wealth will be transferred to heirs in… Read More »

Estate Planning Is on the Rise- Are You Prepared?

Have you checked your documents recently? The pandemic has caused widespread changes throughout the United States in the way that people live and think about their life. Although the corona virus pandemic was only concentrated in large cities previously, more people are beginning to feel the impacts in their individual state as they stay tuned… Read More »

Are You Prepared for Long-Term Care Needs?

So many Americans are rightfully concerned about long term care expenses and their possible impact on retirement but only a small percentage of individuals select insurance policies to help guard against this risk. In fact, one study found that only around 10% of Americans over age 65 had long term care insurance. The problem with… Read More »

When Is A Buy/Sell Agreement A Good Idea?

If you are thinking ahead about your future estate planning in Pasadena, our buy/sell agreement attorneys can help you to structure this important document that will outline what happens to this property if you are no longer part of the business. Buy/sell agreements are particularly useful if you intend to leave real estate or businesses… Read More »