Don’t Forget to Include Asset Protection Planning

Conventional estate planning is only half of the equation and if you leave yourself exposed to the possibility that someone could launch a lawsuit against you, you could be financially ruined with just one of these unfortunate intrusions into your existing estate planning. Comprehensive estate planning must include traditional estate planning tools to maximize the… Read More »

Financial Matters to Remember in Your Second Marriage

Whether you are getting married after the death of a spouse or remarrying after a divorce, smart financial planning should always be included in your overall process. A second marriage brings many different questions and considerations to the table, and having the experience of a knowledgeable financial advisor and estate planning attorney is strongly recommended…. Read More »

How to Add a Side Hustle to Your Retirement Plan

If you are looking ahead towards retirement, you may be curious about whether you should transition out of the workforce completely. Many people who enter retirement still would benefit from an additional stream of income and will also like some way to spend their time that fulfills them. A side hustle or a hobby that… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Decline

May help Alzheimer’s patients in advance.  A new study has identified that artificial intelligence may be able to detect Alzheimer’s disease a decade before the symptoms actually appear.  Machine learning now shows significant counters for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s up to one decade in advance. This means those patients who may ultimately develop Alzheimer’s disease… Read More »