Is Something Missing from Your Estate Plan?

Most people assume that estate planning is all about what happens to your property when you pass away. For that reason, many young, single people and young families don’t put estate planning as a top priority, but it can be one of the crucial things that young parents can do, especially considering that someone might… Read More »

What is the Right Will?

Most people assume when they approach the estate planning process that they need a simple will. But the truth is that every person can benefit from having the right will. Determining the right will for you is based on many different factors, including the complexity or the simplicity of your gifting scheme and goals, contingency… Read More »

Avoid Probate with These Five Simple Steps

Are you interested in keeping your estate out of the public record and ensuring that the distribution of assets moves through smoothly? Probate is expensive as well as time consuming, which is one of the top reasons why people schedule consultations with Pasadena estate planning lawyers to discuss how to avoid it. A properly structured… Read More »

Making Estate Planning Basics Easy

As part of your overall financial planning, you might have a good eye towards putting aside money for retirement, but estate planning often gets overlooked. Since many people are under the impression that estate planning needs don’t kick in until later in their lives, they can make critical mistakes that could subject them and their… Read More »

Should You Fund Your Revocable Trust?

Many people are increasingly using an estate planning approach that uses a revocable trust, as well as a will. In fact, most common estate plans these days include both of these elements. This basic structure is now seen as the bare bones under which guardians of any minor children are appointed and executors of the… Read More »

Is It A Good Idea to Store Your Will Online?

Medical directives and wills are increasingly being stored online in order to allow your loved ones to have access to these crucial materials as soon as possible. This is because far too many people have experienced the unfortunate situation of having to deal with a loved one who did not provide easy access to estate… Read More »

Top Reasons to Consider Using A Living Trust

Have you contemplated the benefits of using a living trust in the past? Many people are under the false impression that a living trust can accomplish everything. While it’s not true that a living trust will be the only estate planning document that you need or that it will accomplish every single one of your… Read More »

End of Life Planning Tips: Part Two

If you have recently received a serious medical diagnosis, now is the time to accomplish some of the most important estate planning and financial tasks to verify that you have done as much as possible to protect yourself. One of the first steps that you need to take must be designating beneficiaries. Far too many… Read More »

Making Estate Planning a Women’s Issue

Estate planning is something that applies to every single person regardless of their position in life and current marital status. It’s often hard for women to understand the unique facets of estate planning that they must consider and in fact, in many estate planning seminars, women don’t even speak up. There are several different tips… Read More »