Will Creating a Trust Benefit My Company as An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs and business owners are responsible for so many different details. Some of these include protecting assets, leaving a legacy, minimizing taxes, managing operations and hiring the right people. Many of these questions can be answered by thinking about creating a trust. A trust forms a fiduciary relationship in which one party, the creator, gives… Read More »

Pros and Cons Of Naming A Trust Or Individuals As The Beneficiary Of Your 401(K) And IRA

Along with all of your other assets, you must make decisions about who will receive any remaining funds inside your retirement accounts when you pass away. These companies managing your accounts use specific forms for transferring assets, so you need to review these on a regular basis to ensure your wishes are still met with… Read More »

What Personal Representatives in CA Need to Keep in Mind With Regard To Valuing And Inventory Assets

One of the most important things that a personal representative must do early on within the management of the estate is to gather date of death value statements from financial institutions. Creating a comprehensive inventory of all assets associated with the estate is strongly recommended to make sure that you have clarity on what assets… Read More »

How Are Estate Taxes Assessed?

Not every estate will be required to pay federal estate taxes because it applies only to those estates valued at over $12.06 million in 2022. Likewise, not every state assesses its own estate tax. However, if your assets have appreciated a lot over time or if you do live in a state with its own… Read More »

Should You Write a Letter of Instruction?

Your will is the formal legal document that tells the court and your personal representative how to administer your estate. But it might not be enough clarity for your loved ones. Someone who is appointed to settle your affairs after you pass away may find this confusing and overwhelming. Even though the courts can provide… Read More »