How to Add a Side Hustle to Your Retirement Plan

If you are looking ahead towards retirement, you may be curious about whether you should transition out of the workforce completely. Many people who enter retirement still would benefit from an additional stream of income and will also like some way to spend their time that fulfills them. A side hustle or a hobby that… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Decline

May help Alzheimer’s patients in advance.  A new study has identified that artificial intelligence may be able to detect Alzheimer’s disease a decade before the symptoms actually appear.  Machine learning now shows significant counters for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s up to one decade in advance. This means those patients who may ultimately develop Alzheimer’s disease… Read More »

Business Planning Must Occur Because Of Digital Assets

Estate planning for an individual is a given, but it is also extremely important for a business. This is increasingly crucial as a result of digital assets that must be included in the estate planning process. Although these may not be as obvious, they are equally important. Knowledgeable estate planning attorneys are extremely beneficial for… Read More »

Where Accountants Fall Short With Estate Planning

When thinking about estate planning, most people assume it is what happens when a family member passes away suddenly.  This can bring forth common images of insurance policies, legal documents or even litigation associated with will contests.   However, the prospect of estate planning for an individual client goes much further than deal with someone’s… Read More »

Entrepreneurs Must Engage In Estate Planning

Entrepreneurs must have a game plan for their immediate future and for their long-term future. For younger entrepreneurs in particular, especially Millennials, deciding on specific actions is the critical step for financial success. Although many financial plans are composed of estate planning, tax planning, money management and investing, each of these various factors will be… Read More »

My Estate Is in CryptoCurrency- What Now?

Most people assume that their tangible assets, including their retirement plans and their actual assets, including vehicles, property and other forms are the primary components of their estate plan.  However, crypto currency has become a major force and there are still major discrepancies when it comes to planning ahead and incorporating crypto currency into your… Read More »

Can I Amend My Trust?

If you already have a trust document put together, you should consider the type of trust that you selected as far as whether or not you’ll be eligible to amend a trust in the future. An irrevocable trust cannot be amended in the future, regardless of the changes you would like to make. Furthermore, it… Read More »