Technology Update

I hope all of my readers are doing well after their first weekend on lockdown! I thought I would bring you up to date on our efforts at the Pasadena Law Group to continue to provide for our clients, even if we should not/are not allowed to meet face to face. So, we’ve investigated technology… Read More »

Why You Should Care About Estate Planning?

Your estate plan is the key to a less stressful situation. Every person, regardless of their net worth and age, needs comprehensive estate planning to ensure that their individual wishes are accounted for and that their family has been appropriately provided for. Death, unfortunately, is inevitable and many people suffer the additional challenge of becoming… Read More »

Coronavirus: Important Updates and Measures

Well, it looks as if the State of California is pretty much on lockdown right now. That does NOT mean the Pasadena Law Group is closed — we are open for business! Although we can’t hold face-to-face meetings, we can do online meetings and, if you need to sign documents that must be notarized, we… Read More »

Coronavirus Update: Office Safety and Meetings

I suspect you have been receiving a lot of emails about the novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 from your doctors, financial advisors and local restaurants. I thought you might appreciate a short note from your lawyer’s perspective. We certainly do not want to see a pandemic or declining markets, but here we are. Of course, one of the… Read More »

So Your Estate Plan’s Old (Yes, It Needs an Update)

You might think you’re covered because you created an estate plan many years ago. Even though you might have recognized the key importance of estate planning, you didn’t do the necessary steps to keep your estate plan updated over time. Unfortunately, there are many different reasons why your estate plan might become invalid or no… Read More »

Does Cryptocurrency Fit into Your California Estate?

The growing popularity of owning some form of cryptocurrency means that these issues must be considered when planning for your own estate. If you currently own any cryptocurrency, providing instructions for what will happen to it in your will is necessary. Cryptocurrency is a board term that refers to any form of virtual money that… Read More »

Can You Include a Firearm in Your Estate Plan?

The smooth legal transfer of firearms might apply to you if you currently have a weapon or a collection of firearms. Guns, much like art, are very unique assets and fall under state and federal laws that should be considered in the estate planning process. Any and all special items, including other personal collections or… Read More »

What Are the Possible Unintended Consequences of Improper Beneficiary Designation?

One of the most common goals presented by clients visiting our office is to avoid probate. While it is certainly important to consider how probate could cause further difficulties for your loved ones, and while there are many benefits to generally avoiding probate, there are also unintended consequences of using this as the only factor… Read More »

My Estate Should be Simple: Do I Need a Plan?

Estate plans can be adjusted and customized based on your individual needs. Every person, even single people with no children could benefit from estate planning to make the process easier for those loved ones or appointed representatives who will take over when you pass away. Estate planning involves putting in plan a place to determine… Read More »

Tax Season? It’s Estate Planning Season, Too

It’s that time of year to drag out all your paperwork, review incoming documents, and make sure you’re organized for your meeting with your accountant. Since you’re already going to the trouble of getting the yearly financial picture for your taxes, why not take advantage of this opportunity to review and update your estate plan,… Read More »

Estate Planning for Wealth Transfer Purposes

If you are contemplating a meeting in relation to your estate planning, you should educate yourself about the concept of wealth transfer. Wealth transfer refers to passing on assets or wealth to beneficiaries after you pass away. Wealth transfer strategies can include tactics such as estate planning, the use of trusts, wills, or life insurance…. Read More »