How Do California Executors Get Compensated?

If a party’s will does not specifically explain how executor compensation should be created, specific rules must be followed. In the state of California, the state executor is known as the personal representative, and compensation outlined by the will can only be altered if the court approves an executor’s petition requesting relief from those provisions…. Read More »

How Do California Executors Get Appointed to Probate?

A California executor is the individual named in a will responsible for representing the deceased party’s estate in California and carrying out any instructions laid out in the will. Before a party can begin a formal role as an executor, the court must approve of the nomination. In many cases this is simply a formality… Read More »

Can We Remove a Trustee in California?

A trustee has an important legal obligation and numerous roles that must be addressed when appointed to a California estate. However, if beneficiaries have reason to believe that the trustee has violated this fiduciary responsibility, a trustee could be removed from this role. The trustee has a significant level of power over the trust administration… Read More »

Expecting A Little One? Don’t Forget Estate Planning

There are plenty of things to think about in the wake of preparing for a new member to join your family. But newbie parents should also be prepared to take stock of their financial situation prior to a birth. Pregnancy is the perfect time to check on emergency savings, your overall budget, insurance needs, and… Read More »

Do Trusts and Life Insurance Work Together?

Death benefits that are paid out from a life insurance policy can be considerable in nature, especially when the beneficiary receives them as a lump sum. These benefits can either be paid directly to one or more beneficiaries named on the policy, or to a trust that was created for their benefit. This is one… Read More »

I Have Only One Child: Do I Need A Will?

A valid will is almost always preferred to having no document at all, even when the creator of the will, also known as a testator, has only one child and intends to leave all assets behind to that child. It’s always advantageous for a testator to also name an independent executor who is capable of… Read More »

What Is The Minimum Cost To Create A Will?

No one can tell you the cost of completing the will in your individual state until the attorney understands the complications of your estates. If you find someone who gives you an upfront price before discussing the particulars of your individual goals, that person might not have enough experience in crafting a will for you…. Read More »

Does A Small Business Need Succession Planning?

Plenty of owners with decades of service in their business have simply closed up their company and walked into retirement. However, small businesses could be eligible to transfer on the company to key employees or even to future generations through the process of succession planning. Closing up the business doesn’t have to be the only… Read More »