How Do Generational Differences Impact Business Succession Planning?

Planning for the future of your business is just as important as completing your personal estate planning. Many people overlook the impacts of business succession planning and expose their company and their loved ones to unnecessary risks. A new study found that upcoming leadership and retiring leadership have key differences in terms of their attitude… Read More »

Does an Unmarried Couple Need Estate Planning?

It is a common question for estate planning lawyers about whether or not an unmarried couple can benefit from estate planning. Unmarried couples without children might assume that there are relatively few benefits for them to meet with an estate planning lawyer and taking this important next step. However, it is just as important for… Read More »

These Estate Planning Mistakes Impact Physicians

Like everyone physicians need a comprehensive estate plan that protects their interests and ensures that they have taken care of their own concerns as well as their property after they pass away. Making mistakes when it comes to physician estate planning can be catastrophic for your family and your legacy. Read on to learn more… Read More »

When Should I Assign Equal Amounts in My Estate Plan?

If you have children you’re thinking about as you plan your estate, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s best to split things equally or divide your assets based on other circumstances. This is a common conundrum for parents in California and there’s no one right answer that applies to every family. It’s a personal decision… Read More »

Even Financial Advisors Need a Succession Plan

Most business owners are so busy with the day to day or even their one-year plan that it’s easy to overlook what happens to the company if they’re no longer actively working in it. But that succession plan could become a matter of top priority very suddenly due to an illness, disability, divorce, or death…. Read More »

How To Do an Annual Review of Your Trust

A trust might include provisions you intend to last for many years. But it’s also not a “set it and forget it” component of your estate plan. Regular reviews can help you adjust your plans with an irrevocable trust. An annual review of your estate plan is strongly recommended to ensure that your estate plan… Read More »

What Are Trustee Accounting Requirements?

When you create a trust, one of the role you’ll name is that of trustee. With a revocable trust, you’re likely the trustee. But you’ll name a successor trustee who will be responsible for managing trust assets if something happens to you. If you create an irrevocable trust, another person should serve as the trustee… Read More »

October Is Home National Estate Planning Awareness Week

The third week of October is national Estate Planning Awareness Week, which means that this is your opportunity to sit down and address those neglected plans or those plans that you may not have created at all. The support of an experienced estate planning lawyer is strongly recommended in these circumstances so that you know… Read More »

What Is a Trustee’s Role in Making Property Productive?

When you create a revocable trust, you are likely the trustee for the property placed inside so long as you are alive and capable of managing it. But if you pass away or if you create an irrevocable trust, you’ll want the help of a dedicated Pasadena estate planning lawyer to help you name the… Read More »