Planning for Life and Death with Trusts

Trusts are a very versatile and popular estate planning tool because you can plan for both your life and your death. You need to have an estate plan in place to care for issues that arise during the course of your life and for the management of your assets after you pass away. Knowing that… Read More »

Can a California Resident with Dementia Receive Medicaid?

Recent studies have shown that the impacts of people affected by dementia are far reaching. Approximately one half of nursing facility residents today and one in five seniors has possible or probable dementia. This disease, also recognized as Alzheimer’s, is a syndrome characterized by progressive and chronic decline in cognitive functions, such as judgement, communication… Read More »

Home Health Care and Medi-Cal Benefits

As part of the state Medicaid plan known as Medi-Cal, home health services can be covered for certain individuals. These home health services are only approved and paid for through Med-Cal when they are deemed medically necessary, including expenses such as medical equipment and skilled nursing care. The need for extra support is very common… Read More »

What is Conservatorship in California?

There are many different terms that come up in the process of tackling your estate or your elder law planning. For plenty of our Pasadena estate planning clients, these can be confusing from the perspective of connecting them to your individual plan. As we offer guidance on these issues regularly, this blog will help to… Read More »