How Does Incapacity Planning Help Me and Family?

Do you know what would happen to you or your desired medical care wishes if you weren’t able to speak about them yourself? If you haven’t thought this through, your family members may face challenges that address pressure and stress. There’s also no way to know whether or not your wishes will be followed. Most… Read More »

How Is Property Transferred After Someone Passes Away?

When you create a will, you lay out the plans for how your property will pass to chosen beneficiaries when you pass away. However, your will is not the only instrument through which you can transfer property, and you may wish to communicate with a local estate planning lawyer to discuss alternatives. After a person… Read More »

Four Options for Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is a legal process through which you recognize the possibility of your assets being at risk due to creditors or potential lawsuits and taking proactive steps to shield these assets. By planning in advance, you set yourself up to protect some assets if and when someone comes after you. Unfortunately, people perceived… Read More »

Keep This in Mind When Estate Planning for a Blended Family

Many people don’t recognize that once they pass away, a surviving partner can do what they wish with any assets remaining, particularly if a will leaves everything to that surviving partner. This can become especially problematic if you’re part of a blended family and have recently remarried but have children from a previous marriage. This… Read More »

How To Be Mindful About the Potential of Elder Fraud

You may be worried about potential scams that could influence your elderly parents or other family members experiencing potential cognitive challenges. Taking proactive steps to recognize the common nature of elder fraud could help save your loved one and ensure that their assets are protected. Especially if your loved one has a diagnosis of dementia… Read More »

Estate Planning Helpful Even for Singles

If you’re a single individual, you may assume that estate planning is not to your benefit, or perhaps you’ve done the necessary step of taking the time to create a will but have not gone any further with your overall estate plan. Estate planning, however, is beneficial for everyone. Documenting your wishes makes it possible… Read More »

Should I Include A No Contest Clause In My Will?

Creating estate planning documents and strategies makes things easier for the people appointed to handle your affairs and reduces the possibility of conflict in the future. However, some beneficiaries still retain the right to contest estate planning documents when they have legal grounds to show that these documents may have been procured by fraud or… Read More »

How Does Tax Diversification Fit into Your Estate Plan?

Your estate plan combines components of your future healthcare intentions, your goals for passing on assets to loved ones and your financial plan. Working with qualified professionals for each phase of this is extremely important for protecting your interests. One common thing overlooked by many people in the estate planning process is tax diversification. The… Read More »

Is a Trust Required to Avoid Probate?

Various estate planning myths could cost you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve established documents and strategies to carry out your wishes as you want, and these could also harm your loved ones in the future. The truth is that not all of your assets fall into the probate process anyways. Some… Read More »