Did You Forget to Name a Contingent Beneficiary?

One of the most important aspects of the estate planning process is naming beneficiaries across all necessary accounts. This includes retirement accounts and life insurance policies most specifically. It is important not only to name a primary beneficiary, such as the person that you intend to receive all of the assets when you pass away,… Read More »

What Are the Three Phases of a Retirement Planning Strategy?

Approaching retirement requires thinking holistically about your individual financial goals and the strategies you’ll use not just to support yourself financially but to establish your legacy in your estate plan. Anyone who neglects one or both aspects of this retirement planning equation could find themselves facing challenges personally or setting their loved ones up for… Read More »

Don’t Forget Tax Planning at The Conclusion Of 2021

Year-end planning presents an opportunity to review some of the most important issues facing you and your existing strategies. With a new year can also bring legislative changes and new considerations for how to optimize your estate and tax planning. This makes it even more important to establish a relationship with financial professionals including estate… Read More »

How Important Are Social Security Considerations in Retirement Planning?

When looking ahead to the future when crafting your retirement plan, it is crucial to think about the different benefits and timelines for social security claiming. One of the earliest decisions that you’ll need to make in the retirement process is when and how to claim Social Security. It’s beneficial to have experienced professionals to… Read More »

Are You Prepared for The Potential Long Term Care Crisis?

Studies indicate that the vast majority of people in the United States will need long term care services after turning age 65. Approximately 25% of them will need extensive care likely that it comes from an assistive living facility or a nursing home. But even though the numbers indicate that more people will need this… Read More »

What Does It Mean to Become Trustee?

An essential component of estate planning for those people who have developed a trust is to name a person who steps in as the trustee. Depending on the structure of the trust, the trustee might begin his or her responsibilities immediately or may only become activated after the creator of the trust has passed away…. Read More »

What Will Medi-Cal Pay For?

If you or a family member has recently been diagnosed with a condition that calls for nursing home support, you’re probably thinking about paying for this care. It’s important to have a basic understanding of what it takes to apply for this coverage so that you can take action steps in advance. While it would… Read More »