Understanding the Purpose of a Living Will

Do you know what you want to happen in terms of your medical care for life sustaining treatment? If you have firm beliefs about what this should look like, they need to be documented in a living will. Also known as a directive to physicians, a living will is a critical component to your plans… Read More »

Is Gray Divorce Going to Impact Your Estate Plan?

Getting a divorce is never easy since it represents so many changes for the entire family. Even if your kids are grown and child custody isn’t a part of your divorce, the financial implications of getting divorce when you’re older are serious. You’ll need to be prepare to potentially adapt your estate or retirement plan… Read More »

Should All My Children Inherit Equally?

Dividing up your estate when you have multiple children can be challenging. Divvying up your estate in what appears to be an equal way among your children can make sense particularly when their relationships with you and the histories are the same. Equal distribution is one of the simplest ways to avoid family conflict over… Read More »

Without a Will, Who Gets My California Estate?

If you have a properly executed will, this document speaks for you after you pass away when it comes to decisions about who gets your assets or who will serve as the guardian for your minor children. If you don’t have a will, however, these important decisions are handled by the California courts. This process,… Read More »

How Much Should a Successor Trustee Be Paid?

A successor trustee is a person who steps in to control the management of a revocable living trust in two different circumstances. The first of these is when the grantor has become incapacitated and is no longer able to manage the trust on their own. The second circumstance involves the death of the individual who… Read More »

What to Include When Gathering Information for Your Will

You can’t make plans for distributing your property until you’re clear about what property you own. The first step in deciding how your property will be distributed in the future is gathering information. You’ll need details associated with anyone who is named into your will, such as a proposed guardian, a spouse, children, executors, or… Read More »