What Is Probate?

Do you know what happens to your estate planning documents or your assets after you pass away? If you haven’t taken the time to answer this question, the court might be more in control of these decisions than you think. The more planning you can put into preparing for or avoiding probate, the easier it… Read More »

Should a Lawyer Manage My Trust?

Hiring a California estate planning attorney to manage your trust accounts is a common tactic employed by those wanting a professional working on these important accounts. There are three common scenarios in which an attorney will become responsible for a trust account. These include: In conjunction with a payment from a settlement. To manage the… Read More »

You Have to Make a Plan for Yourself with Long Term Care

More baby boomers in California than ever have become caregivers for their parents and their loved ones, which means that the realities of the work required and the costs involved are sinking in. Even if you’re currently busy managing the care for one of your own loved ones, it’s important to create a plan for… Read More »

New Study Highlights Ability to Detect Alzheimer’s Earlier

Alzheimer’s is a serious medical condition that has far reaching impacts for the effected person and his or her family members. Increasing research projects have been dedicated to better understanding Alzheimer’s. The impact of cognitive decline on many areas of your life, including estate planning, can have important ramifications over whether or not wills, trusts… Read More »

What if I Want to Update My Will?

Crossing off “create will” from your to-do list is really just the first step with estate planning. In order to stay on top of all aspects of your planning, you must continue to revisit your documents and verify they still reflect the most recent version of your wishes. It’s not uncommon to want to revoke… Read More »

What Are the Most Important Components of My California Estate Plan?

The majority of California estate plans consist of some or all of the following documents. Based on your specific situation, your California estate planning attorney might also make specific recommendations and suggest additional documents that might need to be prepared. Sitting down with a qualified estate planning lawyer is critical during this planning process. The… Read More »

What Is Probate’s Impact On Seniors?

As a senior, planning for your estate and probate could help your loved ones through a very difficult time. Thinking about the details ahead of time reduces the possibility for family conflicts surrounding your intentions and can also speed up the process. Although estate planning and long term care have gained increasing focus from researchers,… Read More »