How Have Women Been Affected by the Pandemic and What Does This Mean for Their Estate and Retirement Plans?

Women tend to have greater longevity than men, therefore, could be facing more significant health care costs in their retirement. Prolonged life expectancy is one of the most common concerns presented by women and men alike when meeting with an estate planning attorney. A new study of estate planners revealed that many of their female… Read More »

Recent Study Identifies Significant California Funds Managed Under Conservatorships

Many people are familiar with the basic concept of conservatorships. This might also be referred to as guardianship in other states. For today’s purposes, conservatorships involve the appointment of another party to help manage the actions of a person who cannot take care of themselves. A conservatorship is most appropriate when the party in question… Read More »

Why Is Aging in Place So Important?

Approaching your older years means that you must think carefully about what you hope to accomplish in retirement and beyond. For many people that means staying at home for as long as possible. Very few people want to move into an assisted living or nursing facility unless it is required. One recent AARP study found… Read More »