How Much Should a Successor Trustee Be Paid?

A successor trustee is a person who steps in to control the management of a revocable living trust in two different circumstances. The first of these is when the grantor has become incapacitated and is no longer able to manage the trust on their own. The second circumstance involves the death of the individual who… Read More »

What to Include When Gathering Information for Your Will

You can’t make plans for distributing your property until you’re clear about what property you own. The first step in deciding how your property will be distributed in the future is gathering information. You’ll need details associated with anyone who is named into your will, such as a proposed guardian, a spouse, children, executors, or… Read More »

What Kinds of Property Cannot Be Left Within a Will?

Wills are the cornerstones of most estate plans because they are inexpensive and simple ways to address the vast majority of people’s estate planning needs. However, a will cannot help you accomplish everything in the estate planning process and there are some things that you should consult with an experienced estate planning lawyer about to… Read More »

Three Art Collection Considerations for Estate Planning

Many people have personal collections about which they are very passionate. These could include stamps, coins, art, or even other items that have a significant sentimental or monetary value. Regardless of the total overall dollar value of the collection, it should be thoughtfully incorporated into your estate plan. Making these arrangements well in advance can… Read More »

Should I Choose a Successor Trustee?

When creating a living trust for the purposes of avoiding probate, it’s a good idea to name someone as a successor trustee. You are the primary trustee, meaning that you have the ability to make changes to the trust, dissolve the trust, and move assets in and out of the trust. A successor trustee, however,… Read More »

How Do I Revoke a Will in California?

There are many different things to think about in the context of updating your estate plan, but one of the most important is to consider what to do if you need to revoke a previous California will. If the need ever arises, it can be helpful to have a relationship with an experienced Pasadena estate… Read More »

Is Your Estate Plan Disordered?

If your estate plan is created but disorganized, the fallout could affect the beneficiaries you intended to support with your assets. When you’re working directly with an estate planning attorney, you will not only be able to answer many of the most common questions you have around planning for your estate and the possibilities associated… Read More »

It’s Time to Take Stock of Your Estate Plan

Heading into 2021 you may have more questions than you do assurances. A new presidential administration is raising questions about how estate taxes will be impacted. The world is still being rocked by a pandemic and no one is sure of their immediate future. This is an appropriate opportunity to step back, review and take… Read More »