What’s Your Financial Wellness Score?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought to light many different gaps in existing estate plans and overall financial wellbeing. The bull market bubble was burst with the global pandemic and this means that you need to take a careful look at your own estate planning There are many different components of being considered financially well. One… Read More »

What Is Inheritance Theft?

Inheritance theft can occur in many different forms and can create serious challenges for your estate and probate planning. Whether it’s destroying or forging documents or undocumented loans, there are a few ways that someone in your family could actually hijack an inheritance intended for you. Many contested probate cases end up being between a… Read More »

CARES Act Has Benefits for Charitable Donors

High net worth clients often turn to charitable giving as a way to advance their philanthropic goals and to accomplish estate planning intentions too. There are some new tax benefits available due to the CARES Act. High net worth clients might consider maintaining or increasing the amount they are donating to charity this year because… Read More »

Ensuring a Smooth Transfer of Wealth

Much of the country’s wealth is still owned by baby boomers even though millennials are picking up speed in other areas. According to a recent study, baby boomers will stay the wealthiest generation in America until at least 2030 and it’s anticipated that over $60 trillion of their wealth will be transferred to heirs in… Read More »