How Do I Know Whether I Want A Revocable or An Irrevocable Trust?

One of the most common questions presented to Pasadena estate planning attorneys is what’s the primary difference between irrevocable and revocable trust. A living trust is a legal entity that can own assets, such as investment accounts, bank accounts, and real estate. There are many different types of trusts available to people engaging in estate… Read More »

What Assets Usually Pass Under A Will?

When it comes to serving as an executor, one of the most important and yet difficult tasks for an executor is to identify all of the decedent’s property by type of ownership.      This begins by locating, then valuing, and then organizing this property by the various ways that it is owned. This can require comprehensive… Read More »

11 Steps to Establishing a Living Trust

A living trust is a powerful tool when it is drafted and funded appropriately. In fact, this has become one of the most common estate planning tools available today. A living trust can give you greater peace of mind that your wishes will be followed after you pass away and ensure that your financial affairs… Read More »