What Is The Minimum Cost To Create A Will?

No one can tell you the cost of completing the will in your individual state until the attorney understands the complications of your estates. If you find someone who gives you an upfront price before discussing the particulars of your individual goals, that person might not have enough experience in crafting a will for you…. Read More »

Does A Small Business Need Succession Planning?

Plenty of owners with decades of service in their business have simply closed up their company and walked into retirement. However, small businesses could be eligible to transfer on the company to key employees or even to future generations through the process of succession planning. Closing up the business doesn’t have to be the only… Read More »

Retiring Abroad? Don’t Make These Mistakes

More than ever, people are attracted to the concept of retiring outside of the United States. There are some complications that must be considered before you make the jump, however. According to the Social Security Administration, the number of people retiring abroad has increased significantly in the last decade. It’s expected that more than half… Read More »

What to Do If You Receive A Substantial Windfall

If you win the billion-dollar lottery or receive some other massive inheritance, there are certainly some steps you can take to protect yourself and avoid some of the mistakes of other people who have received a massive windfall and have lost it all. Some experts in the financial industry recommend that the first thing you… Read More »