Study Shows Disconnect with Estate Planning

Plenty of grandparents and parents have firm ideas about what they’d like their loved ones to receive when they pass away. But research shows that nearly 6 in 10 people in the United States have no will in place. This is the most basic cornerstone document of estate planning, and is extremely important to have… Read More »

Study Shows Many People Experiencing Financial Anxiety

Many uncertainties in the market have prompted plenty of people to develop financial anxiety, and studies show that financial planners and other professionals might be underestimating the level of worry that people experience. The MQ Research Consortium in Kansas State University Personal Financial Planning Program determined that over 71% of those clients currently working with… Read More »

Widows Need a New Financial Plan

It can be a dramatic adjustment to your life after a spouse has passed away, but widows must pay special attention to their planning and their finances after losing a husband. Some short-term adjustments might be necessary to recalibrate your goals and to determine your next steps. Getting a clear handle on your finances is… Read More »