Does A Millennial Really Need Estate Planning?

Millennials might be more likely to travel and seek out the digital nomad lifestyle, but it can be a big mistake to do this without thinking about the possible estate planning complications. Even those in traditional jobs should sit down with a lawyer to discuss tools for younger people with the intention of updating these… Read More »

Don’t Forget All Assets When Creating an Estate Plan

It’s all too easy to sit down with your team of professionals or try to plan your estate on your own while thinking only about the assets that create monthly statements, like mutual funds, stocks, and bank accounts. However, in most estate planning situations, these illiquid assets represent less than half of a person’s portfolio…. Read More »

Evaluating Senior Housing Options for a Loved One

Helping a parent move out of their own home and comfortable surroundings can seem very intimidating, especially if they are making a transition into senior housing. This is a difficult decision financially, physically and emotionally. Declining health, safety issues, family concerns about a person’s well-being or the death of a spouse can all be some… Read More »

How Long Does an Estate Plan Last?

When it comes to topics around morbidity, it’s easy to want to approach it as a once-and-done activity. You meet with your life insurance agent, fill out the application and attend any medical screenings, and then file that policy away for the long haul. You might review the brochure from a funeral or memorial business… Read More »

What Is Probate?

Do you know what happens to your estate planning documents or your assets after you pass away? If you haven’t taken the time to answer this question, the court might be more in control of these decisions than you think. The more planning you can put into preparing for or avoiding probate, the easier it… Read More »

Should a Lawyer Manage My Trust?

Hiring a California estate planning attorney to manage your trust accounts is a common tactic employed by those wanting a professional working on these important accounts. There are three common scenarios in which an attorney will become responsible for a trust account. These include: In conjunction with a payment from a settlement. To manage the… Read More »