How to Think About Estate Planning for The First Time

It is often a major hurdle, mentally, for people to get over the concept of scheduling a consultation with an estate planning attorney. This is most often because they are not aware of the various benefits of putting together an estate plan or assume that estate planning doesn’t apply to them. However, if you have… Read More »

Avoid These Legacy Planning Myths

If you have ever sat down and had a discussion with an estate planning attorney, there’s a good chance that the word ‘legacy’ has come up. This is because legacy planning is increasingly important as people think about the philanthropic and money related goals they will leave behind for their loved ones along with their… Read More »

Three Basics for Every Retirement Plan

A retirement plan is about more than just setting aside money for your own individual future. It’s natural to focus on how much income you intend to set aside and generate during retirement, however, these are not the only issues you need to consider when looking towards exiting the workforce. The three main issues you… Read More »

Top Tax Friendly States for Retirees to Consider

As you look ahead towards your retirement, you may be interested in moving your homestead. There are several different tax friendly states for retirees and potential tax implications associated with staying where you are. Seven states that don’t tax personal income and the two states that collect income tax only on interest and dividend income… Read More »

Multiple Executors Can Cause Problems

As a parent, you may be interested in naming all of your children as the executor of your will because you want no one to feel as though they have been left out. You certainly have the option to name multiple children as co-personal representatives. However, this presents a unique range of problems. It can… Read More »

Are You Failing to Plan for These Four Retirement Issues?

If you’ve put together a comprehensive retirement plan, you have certainly taken the necessary first steps towards allowing for meaningful and enjoyable golden years. However, before you get too confident about your funded retirement plan, there are often several issues that are left out and can be assisted by hiring a knowledgeable financial professional to… Read More »

What to Do After You Receive a Large Inheritance

If you have recently received a large inheritance, you probably have questions about the best way to protect it and the steps that you should do in order to minimize any potential consequences of improper planning. Putting aside an emergency fund with cash that can be easily accessed in the event of a crisis is… Read More »

What Happens if My Estate Planning Documents Are Destroyed?

With wildfires raging throughout California, some people are asking the important question about what happens if their belongings, including their crucial estate planning documents, are consumed in fires. Doing your due diligence and meeting with an estate planning lawyer to articulate a plan might lead you think you’re covered- but when the unthinkable happens and… Read More »