Study Shows Millennials Interested in Long Term Care Planning

Millennial clients are increasingly asking financial advisors and estate planning attorneys for information about long term care planning. Long term care planning is strongly recommended for people of all ages and general health because a sudden disability accident or illness could render you in need of long term care support. Conversations about wills and other… Read More »

Can My Personal Assets Be Tapped in a Lawsuit

If you’re concerned about the possibility of someone being able to tap into your personal assets, you may need to consult with an experienced and qualified estate planning lawyer. Your estate planning lawyer should have substantial experience in the process of asset protection planning. Contrary to popular beliefs, asset protection planning is not only for… Read More »

What Influences the Cost of Living Wills?

A living will is an important estate planning document that records your long term, end of life and medical care choices. This document only comes into play when you have created it and when you are no longer able to communicate to your loved ones or your doctors about your own decisions. Sadly, far too… Read More »