Don’t Neglect a Holistic Estate Plan

There are many benefits to working with a Pasadena, CA estate planning lawyer, especially when you have specific goals you want to accomplish with your strategies. At our office, it’s our goal to help you build a comprehensive estate plan that covers all of your needs and guides you through the legal process. A lawyer… Read More »

Make Sure Your Commercial Real Estate Business Has a Business Succession Plan

Every business owner of all sizes should consider a business succession plan as part of their estate planning strategy. Transitioning ownership to a future generation or another buyer can be especially complex, particularly if you have not taken proactive steps to address succession concerns before you step down. Owning a real estate business comes with… Read More »

Roth Withdrawals and Gifting Your Roth

Passing on a Roth IRA remainder amount to your loved ones may be a goal as part of your estate planning. It’s also important to think about how your Roth IRA fits into your own drawdown strategy. One of the easiest ways to avoid taxes on retirement funds is to use a Roth IRA. You… Read More »

Study: Americans Need More Support with Retirement

Every year studies are completed to find out how Americans are tracking with retirement, how they feel about their overall financial fitness, and what steps employers or financial planners could take to help improve target retirement savings. Retirement is not just about the personal goals you set for your own future, but for many people,… Read More »

Have You Named an Alternative Agent for Your Power of Attorney?

When creating a power of attorney, you’re selecting someone to serve in a critical role of agent to take actions on your behalf. Whether this is a health care medical power of attorney or a financial power of attorney, this agent has important responsibilities in any triggering events, or on a more permanent or specified… Read More »

Using an ILIT for Estate Planning

You may have heard the term ILIT, which stands for Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust in the context of estate taxes and planning for your legacy. These are financial tools that may fit into your overall plan for your estate but do come with advantages as well as potential risks. There are three primary stakeholders involved… Read More »

Gen Z Setting Different Retirement Goals

Setting a time for your future retirement is an important goal, and it’s one that may shift throughout your lifetime. You may consider numerous different aspects in selecting your retirement age depends on a few factors such as your quality of life, your chosen profession, any healthcare issues and intentions for your estate plan. Your… Read More »

Understanding the Concept of a Springing POA

Writing a power of attorney is an important part of your estate plan. This ensures that you have appointed a chosen and trusted agent to step in and manage your affairs on your behalf if you are unable to do so. You might choose to allow your power of attorney agent to start acting immediately,… Read More »

Should You Name Your Trust as A Retirement Account Beneficiary?

You have the right to choose what who will receive your assets when you pass away, including your retirement account. The support of a qualified estate planning attorney can help you to review any and all assets in your current estate as well as those outside of the estate, and to determine how these should… Read More »

What Is a California Spouse’s Elective Share in Estate Planning?

Spousal property rights are addressed by state law, which is why it’s so important to research the laws in your individual state before meeting with your estate planning attorney. If you’re thinking about getting remarried, there’s a good chance that you’ve overlooked necessary updates to your estate plan. However, you need to be aware of… Read More »

Young Generations Turning to Estate Planning: Here Are Some Reasons Why

Most people tend to overlook the importance of creating an estate plan unless they’ve had a personal connection to it or have watched a loved one pass away without an estate plan. More so than previous generations, younger people today are thinking about how they’ll not only save for their future, but also protect their… Read More »

Americans Share Four Common Retirement Planning Regrets

Everyone knows they need to set aside money to save for the future. But recent studies indicate that many people who are reaching retirement age have very common regrets and mistakes. If you haven’t revisited your retirement or estate planning strategy in some time, the end of the year is a great time to tap… Read More »

Don’t Forget a Year-End Review of Your Tax and Estate Planning

Do you think your financial situation may change in the next year? If so, now makes for a great time to think about the past year and plan for the future ahead. A year end strategy review helps you identify opportunities to step into 2023 more confidently. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of reviewing… Read More »

Should You Put Your Gift Inside a Trust?

The simplest way to pass on an asset is to give it directly, but this doesn’t always make the most sense. Unnecessary tax issues may apply, or you might not feel comfortable that your loved one receiving the gift is capable of planning properly. Passing on a gift of an asset or cash to a… Read More »

Structuring Legal Ownership of Assets: What to Know

There are many different decisions you’ll encounter when thinking about structuring ownership of your assets. These are all very important as this could come up in the future if you attempt to transfer these assets or if something happens to you, and another person is intended to receive them. How you choose to structure your… Read More »