Why Would Someone Self-Administer an Estate in California?

If you’re concerned about the cost and the timeframe of probate in California, you’re not alone. Many people who want to make things easier for their loved ones start with the estate planning basics of a will or a trust to cover their main concerns and to make probate more streamlined. If you find yourself… Read More »

Estate Planning Basics for Veterans in California

Estate planning while you’re active duty is relatively simple because there are programs in place to help you. But there’s a good chance that your needs have changed since you left the service. If you have settled in California at the end of your military career, you might need to adjust your estate plan to… Read More »

How to Incorporate Cryptocurrency into Your Estate Plan?

There are many complex challenges around the prospect of owning cryptocurrency as it relates to how it can influence your estate plan. When it comes to transferring, protecting, gifting or securing the wealth generated through cryptocurrency, you need the support of an experienced estate planning lawyer to help you organize it. Digital assets in the… Read More »

What Are Trustee Accounting Requirements?

When you create a trust, one of the role you’ll name is that of trustee. With a revocable trust, you’re likely the trustee. But you’ll name a successor trustee who will be responsible for managing trust assets if something happens to you. If you create an irrevocable trust, another person should serve as the trustee… Read More »

October Is Home National Estate Planning Awareness Week

The third week of October is national Estate Planning Awareness Week, which means that this is your opportunity to sit down and address those neglected plans or those plans that you may not have created at all. The support of an experienced estate planning lawyer is strongly recommended in these circumstances so that you know… Read More »

What Should an Executor Know About Finding Digital Assets?

Digital assets are increasingly a part of loved ones’ estate planning but you might not realize this because you didn’t have access to their computer before they passed away. This can present unique quandaries and challenges for the purposes of estate planning and you should be prepared to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer as soon… Read More »

What Is a Trustee’s Role in Making Property Productive?

When you create a revocable trust, you are likely the trustee for the property placed inside so long as you are alive and capable of managing it. But if you pass away or if you create an irrevocable trust, you’ll want the help of a dedicated Pasadena estate planning lawyer to help you name the… Read More »

What Is a Fiduciary?

Are you starting to create your estate plan? If so, you’re likely to come across several terms that reference various roles associated with asset or trust management. The term fiduciary refers to the relationship of trust placed in a person who is serving in a specific role. A fiduciary relationship is one responsible for managing… Read More »

Understanding the Trustee’s Duty to Segregate Assets

A trustee should be someone who is organized, honest, and capable of communicating effectively with your beneficiaries. In addition to follow the rules you’ve put forward in your trust, you also want a professional person who is mindful of the relevant laws and requirements of trust management. There are numerous fiduciary duties that impact a… Read More »

Building Retirement Plan to Bridge Income Gaps

What do you want your golden years to look like? Are you planning to work? Do you want to save assets in case of a healthcare crisis? Do you plan to leave behind assets in a trust for your loved ones to receive after you pass away or combine this strategy with lifetime gifts? These… Read More »

Defining What Retirement Looks Like for You

Every person’s retirement and retirement age might look different. A study from 2021 found that only 27% of workers in the United States are confident that they’ll be able to retire comfortably. Now is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your estate and retirement plans to make sure that you’ve thought carefully about what you want… Read More »

It’s Time to Do Estate Planning for Millennials

Millennials have not been immune to many of the most common challenges presented by the recent pandemic. More Americans than ever have had to step back and think about the importance of a financial plan but this can be very overwhelming especially in light of all of the unknowns around the pandemic’s long term impacts…. Read More »

How to Use Buy/Sell Insurance as Part of Your Business Succession Planning

When a business partner leaves the practice suddenly and there was no plan in place, this can cause unnecessary chaos and business disruptions. Many business owners now recognize that changes could be just around the corner that require them to update their business succession plans. This is because possible tax proposals on the table mean… Read More »

What’s the Difference Between Nursing Homes and Home Care?

Especially if you have a loved one who has recently been diagnosed with dementia, you have many important things to consider. The first of these is whether or not they need additional care beyond what you and family members can provide. Choices like this are never easy especially when your loved one wants to stay… Read More »

Do I Need a Will If I Already Have a Trust?

The creation of a trust is a powerful and strategic estate planning tool, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you consider in protecting your assets and providing for your future. You might be tempted to cross “estate planning” off your to do list once you’ve created a trust, but remember that you’ll need a… Read More »

Who Can Be a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

Although often thought of as distinct from your overall estate planning, a life insurance policy probably factors into the big picture. Leaving behind assets directly or through tools such as a trust is optional and beneficial for you when you already own those assets. But what if you do not have enough assets set aside… Read More »

What’s Your Long Term Care Plan?

If you got into an accident or developed a medical condition that meant you couldn’t take care of yourself, who would help you? Most people haven’t thought through this and end up relying on family members in the short term. But what if you really need the support and care that can only be provided… Read More »