Two Options for Transferring a Business

Engaging in the process of business succession planning can be extremely fulfilling as you think about your legacy and how you will pass on the company you have worked so hard to build. Often the first step involves a conversation with any of the financial professionals that the business owner has a relationship with, such… Read More »

New Study Shows that Americans Trust Themselves Rather Than Financial Advisors

When it comes to getting accurate financial advice, there are many different factors to consider. It’s easy to become overwhelmed in thinking about how your current finances could influence your future and all of the different details and questions that you should ask in preparing for a comprehensive financial picture. A recent study from Northwestern… Read More »

Does Life Insurance Cover My Estate Needs?

Already have a life insurance policy through work? Good- this is an important first step towards protecting your family if something were to happen to you. A life insurance policy on its own, however, probably doesn’t cover all your needs. Insurance proceeds could be an important component of your ability to quickly transfer cash assets… Read More »

Defining Advanced Care Planning

Anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition should consider the estate planning process of advanced care planning. There are several different kinds of advanced directive documents that can be used to help support your efforts. These are written directions that a patient gives for future medical care if they become unable to… Read More »

What is a Digital Asset in My Estate?

With so much of your life likely spent online, it comes to reason that you probably have substantial digital assets that should be included in your estate plan. But it might not be easy to tell what’s a digital asset and what’s worthy of planning for. A digital asset can be thought of as an… Read More »

Recognizing the Different Stages of Elder Law Planning

Elder law planning implies with its very name that it is a service most associated with the elderly. However, thinking about this process is something you only need to consider after you reach age 65 could set you and your loved ones up for unnecessary conflict and stress. While many of the issues discussed in… Read More »

How to Use Your Family’s Needs to Start the Estate Planning Process

One common reason for overlooking estate planning is because it feels overwhelming. You might even assume that you don’t have enough assets or substantial enough assets to warrant estate planning. The truth is that no matter the volume of your assets or wealth, you and your family can benefit from the estate planning process and… Read More »

What’s Your Financial Wellness Score?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought to light many different gaps in existing estate plans and overall financial wellbeing. The bull market bubble was burst with the global pandemic and this means that you need to take a careful look at your own estate planning There are many different components of being considered financially well. One… Read More »

What Is Inheritance Theft?

Inheritance theft can occur in many different forms and can create serious challenges for your estate and probate planning. Whether it’s destroying or forging documents or undocumented loans, there are a few ways that someone in your family could actually hijack an inheritance intended for you. Many contested probate cases end up being between a… Read More »

Am I Able to Transfer Any of My Property Without Going Through Probate?

Transferring real estate can be complicated, especially if you don’t have the help of an experienced estate planning attorney. If you are interested in transferring your home without probate, you might add on the other party as a joint tenant or use a trust. Either way, when structured properly, can be effective in the property… Read More »

Opportunities with AI and Estate Planning Could Be Around the Corner

According to the Federal Trade Commission, there has been a significant increase in digital fraud and identity theft. The FTC has received over 18,000 pandemic related fraud reports since the beginning of 2020. As a result, many companies have taken a significant step forward with regard to digital ID innovation and companies across the board… Read More »

The Biggest Reasons Why Millennials Still Need an Estate Plan

Even older people who are quickly approaching retirement in their golden years are likely to skip out on the estate planning process but some of those most likely to believe there’s no benefit to them doing estate planning are millennials. Studies show that Millennials are on track to make the most house purchases this year,… Read More »

What Are Your Options for Creating a Will in California?

You can go the DIY route when creating a will, but there are many different reasons why this is not recommended. The do-it-yourself version of creating a will in California is to locate the California statutory forms online and to complete them on your own. Remember that you will need to have witnesses for this… Read More »

CARES Act Has Benefits for Charitable Donors

High net worth clients often turn to charitable giving as a way to advance their philanthropic goals and to accomplish estate planning intentions too. There are some new tax benefits available due to the CARES Act. High net worth clients might consider maintaining or increasing the amount they are donating to charity this year because… Read More »