Unusual Estate Planning Provisions and You

Unusual provisions in wills could be important for addressing your particular needs. However, it could also confuse your family members if you are not careful. Including final arrangements and funeral arrangements may be a mistake inside your will, because by the time your family members have uncovered your will, it is typically days or even… Read More »

The Connection Between Pain and Future Health Planning

A recently released paper from the University of Michigan and the University of Iceland attempted to determine just how much it’s worth to individuals to live a life free of pain. Avoiding chronic pain is a significant issue for anyone approaching retirement age and the study determined that for those aged 50 and above, the… Read More »

“Free” 401(K) Plans and Hidden Fees

The majority of American workers are familiar with how a defined contribution pension account works. This is more commonly referred to as a 401(k) plan. As an employee who will make contributions to this plan out of his or her paycheck and in many cases, this is matched by the employer. This is one of… Read More »

Is It an Option to Leave an Estate to Your Pet?

Thinking ahead about your belongings is certainly an important part of estate planning, but you might also be concerned about your furry friends, too. The sudden death of an owner is difficult for your pets, but taking some precautionary measures to determine who will help take care of them and how that will be funded… Read More »

How Do I Know It’s Time to Service My Estate Plan?

If you own a vehicle, then you understand that it requires regular maintenance and servicing to be reliable and perform well. There’s a good chance that your vehicle came with a recommended schedule for service based on the number of miles and what you’ll need to update at that point in time. In a newer… Read More »

So You Sold Your Business: What Should You Consider Next?

Someone who has taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that their business is properly sold will likely have many questions about how to handle things after the fact. Once you have gone through the process of having your business evaluated and incorporated into a sale, there are important question to consider, particularly if… Read More »

The Right Gift for Your New Adult

Celebrating an 18th birthday is a major milestone in your family. It’s easy to skip over the necessary legal implications and go right to planning ahead for your child’s exciting future, no matter where that may be. When your teenager usually becomes an adult, there are many different types of gifts that you could award:… Read More »

Estate Planning for the Spouse of Someone with Dementia

Struggling with a dementia diagnosis in your family is an overwhelming situation that can lead many people to feel frustrated and confused. Identifying the right estate planning lawyer to assist you with this process is strongly recommended because there are many complicated issues involved when it comes to a dementia patient. Frequently, the caretaker spouse… Read More »

You Need to Plan for the Unforeseen

No one wants to think about the potential impact of an accident or a sudden death in the family, and yet plenty of people find themselves in these situations struggling to figure out next steps. People of all different age categories can benefit from the process of estate planning and taking the necessary action to… Read More »