New Study Shows Where the Uber-Rich Are Placing Their Money

Research completed by UBS Wealth Management and Campden Research found that wealthy people are allocating the majority of their money to equities and less and less to hedge funds or real estate, according to a survey of family offices that was recently completed. Equities made up approximately one third of the average family office portfolio…. Read More »

Will You Need a Nursing Home During Your Lifetime?

As you think ahead about passing your assets to your loved ones through the process of estate planning, another key consideration should crop up; that of protecting your own interests with regards to health care. Many people question whether or not they will need a nursing home at some point in their future and plenty… Read More »

Should You Use a Trust Instead of a 529 Plan for Education?

Most parents think long term when it comes to the educational needs of their children. A 529 plan is a common method for funding a child’s education because there are numerous different beneficial features such as: ·       Flexibility ·       Tax deductible contributions ·       Tax regrowth of assets ·       Generally clear investment options For those who… Read More »

Assess the Family Business Culture to Move Forward

There are many different challenges currently facing family businesses around the United States today. One of the most alarming statistics for family business owners is that as few as 3% of family owned companies will ever make it to a fourth generation. While it is important to think about the financial future of the business,… Read More »

What to Do If You Inherit a Large Lump Sum?

There’s no doubt that plenty of people across the United States are dreaming about the potential for winning a lottery and while millions may be out of your reach, thousands or hundreds of thousands could be accessible depending on the assets passed down to you in terms of beneficiary designations. Receiving a high volume of… Read More »

The Conflict Continues Over Prince’s Estate

There are many different estates that make the headlines for poor reasons and Prince was no different. Failing to engage in appropriate estate planning can lead to increased potential for conflicts and confusion with your family members. High net worth individuals and those in the public eye may face further scrutiny if they fail to… Read More »

Remember that Financial Advice, Wealth Management, and Estate Planning Are Not One and the Same

Your financial life may seem complicated because there are so many different elements you must consider, including your charitable giving, your estate planning, your taxes, and your general wealth management. A comprehensive wealth management team, in addition to other professionals that you engage such as a tax advisor or an estate planning attorney can be… Read More »

It’s Now More Difficult to File Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Making a decision to put your loved one in a nursing home is never easy and unfortunately, a growing number of people have come forward with allegations against nursing homes that have allegedly abused or neglected their loved ones. The trump administration, however, is taking action to try to prevent the number of consumers filing… Read More »

A New Study Identified That Losing the Ability to Differentiate Smells from Other Smells Could Be a Sign of Alzheimer’s

If you’re like most adult children, you are carefully watching your aging parents to ensure there are no physical or mental problems emerging that could jeopardize their health and retirement. One of the most common concerns for adult adult children has to do with identifying Alzheimer’s early on. A new study shows that there’s another… Read More »

What Are Retirement Super Savers?

Many people in younger generations are experiencing the challenges of their older loved ones as baby boomers approach retirement. This is causing a growing number of people to think about their financial future and to max out on their 401(k) contributions. Research from the Economic Policy Institute indicates that retirement saving in United States is… Read More »

Four Ways for Retirees to Stay Active

Many baby boomers hope to have an active lifestyle beyond their retirement. This can help to assist with mental health and decrease their health care expenses as well. There are several different tips that you can employ in order to increase your chances of maintaining an active lifestyle and cutting down on health care expenses… Read More »